” Sound to Sight is the only sound design agency dedicated to the industrial world. We are focused on improving your end customer’s experience designing the sound signature of your products. We commit to facilitate the use of your product, make it match your brand, underline your design and make you sound different. You are unique and so should be the sound of your products. “


We believe that meaningful sound designs – those that make a real difference – are developed in partnership with our customers, with a deep understanding of the target and of the brand. We must continuously achieve appropriate sounds while simultaneously adhering to the industrial constraints of our customers. That’s why involving our customers as part of the process is so important. To best ensure the quality of our sounds, we verify brand recognition, emotion, style and usability through testing.


Our mission is to create sounds that inspire brand confidence and preference. Aesthetic, functional, branded, our sound creations make new memories. Tell us your story, we will convey it to your sound signature.