We reinforce the understanding and efficiency of objects by creating a relevant sound language echoing your brand values, your challenges and your design.

Internet of Things
Industrial Internet


We contribute to the generation of branded events by maintaining emotion through immersive sounds and audio signs.

Scenography and sound guidance system
Events and products/services launch
Reception area and retail space

What We Do & How We Do It

Sound to Sight delivers sound design that helps drive the difference in industrial products. Supporting the ongoing efforts of brands to build products and environments like no other, our sound design can help you enhance your design and brand recognition. While you create an ecosystem of products, we reinforce the link in between your many products through appropriate sound.

We are focused on improving your end user satisfaction and sensory experience through meaningful and pertinent sound design. That’s why we operate with data from psychology, design, engineering and marketing and involve our customers in the process. This way, we leave a lasting impression on users.

We generate a creative momentum with a workshop to raise awareness of sound design role in our perception of products and to brainstorm project ideas.

We work with our customer to define the specifications of the project.

We use a participatory design process, which engages our customer with our sound designers to talk about sound in a common language. Our specifically developed tools make it easier to have such a conversation and ensure sounds are shaped efficiently.

We have the expertise to create qualitative and branded sounds, bringing together aesthetics, ergonomics, and your brand DNA.

To complete the quality and appropriateness of our sounds, we perform user testing and adopt experimental psychology tools.

We adapt our sounds to your products and to the acoustics of their receiving space. Our partnership with CTTM, Le Mans Technology Transfer Center, leader in the domain of applied acoustics, ensures a successful industrial development.


  • Label d’Or d’Innovation 2015 for innovative services to industrial products.
  • Lauréat « Prix Cap Création Sarthe 2013 » for the quality and innovation of Sound to Sight’s achievements.
  • Lauréat du Concours National de Design 2012« Living well in the kitchen at all ages ».
  • Lauréat « Grand Prix de l’Initiative 2012 », Crédit Agricole de l’Anjou et du Maine.

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