Virtual Reality is not only good for entertainment but can become a very useful prototyping tool, especially in industry.

Interface sound design or space sound design can be expensive when it is necessary to prototype in realistic conditions a 3D audio space or to implement all sounds in a complex interface. Virtual reality can help.

For a medical device, an escape game or an immersive experience, you need unique and high quality sounds to not give contradictory message to you audience, in terms of perceived quality.

All our senses are connected and if you work hard on your product design, character, landscapes, then destroy it with wrong ugly free audio samples, then you loose.


Binaural recordings

We are able to create highly realistic recordings (binaural, ambisonic, surround), for multimedia purpose or scenography.

Ambisonic mixing

For an artistic installation or performance, for a concert or for a research study, we can accompany you in the creation of a unique audio environment.


For UX research study and concepts, we can implement sounds in a VR environment for the simulation of a semi-realistic conditions.

UX & Soundscapes composition

We create interface sounds and soundscapes from different recordings, field recordings and synthesis for VR applications, AR and mixed reality.