Sounds in architecture are usually considered like noises. But sound design applied to a building, can take several forms.

If you want to guide blinds from A to B, if you want to give a unique character to a car park (to decrease stress and create a unique identity) or to create an artificial but peaceful and rich life to your natural spaces, we can help.

Sounds are necessary and silence is not an answer.
By their natural capacity to stimulate memory, to disturb and make people thinking, to give information, sound design can be a part of your Humanist project.

In hospitals, schools, business buildings, retirement home, sounds can relax, help, guide and disturb in a gentle and poetic way. And in harmony with other senses, you will create a unique experience.



Guiding people, blind people, clients, employees, by an original sonic signage, using unique technologies such as parametric speakers, shakers or 3D audio.


Artificial soundscapes to underline your design, your lights, your natural spaces and help to relax, to feel somewhere else.


We design experts team for your special projects (schools, hospitals, retirement home) where sounds take part in a well being.


Our partners working on sensory design, smell, lights, materials and user tests on senses can help you for a sensory DNA.

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