Our approach

We believe that meaningful sound designs are developed in partnership with our customers, with a deep understanding of the brand.

We must continuously achieve appropriate sounds while simultaneously adhering to the industrial constraints of our customers.

Our tools

That’s why involving our customers as part of the process is so important. To best ensure the quality of our sounds, we verify brand recognition, emotion, style and usability through testing.

We developed unique tools for a collaborative development of your sound signature, with you, and your customers.

Our mission

We create sounds that inspire confidence and preference.
Aesthetic, functional, branded, our sound creations make new memories.
Soundscapes of tomorrow will be appeased and each sound will be a respectful promise.

Your are unique, we will create your unique voice.


We generate a creative momentum with a workshop to raise awareness of sound design role in our perception of products and to brainstorm project ideas.


We work with our customer to define the specifications of the project.


Developping a deep knowledge of your concurents and about the expectation of your customers is important. We have access to anechoic chambers and chassis dynanometer for recording products, as well as a large bank of interfaces sounds.


We use a participatory design process, which engages our customer with our sound designers to talk about sound in a common language. Our specifically developed tools make it easier to have such a conversation and ensure sounds are shaped efficiently.


We have the expertise to create qualitative and branded sounds, bringing together aesthetics, ergonomics, and your brand DNA.


To complete the quality and appropriateness of our sounds, we perform user testing and adopt experimental psychology tools.


We adapt our sounds to your products and to the acoustics of their receiving space. Our partnership with CTTM, Le Mans Technology Transfer Center, leader in the domain of applied acoustics, ensures a successful industrial development.


Some sounds need to respect different rules.
Depending on the market you are targeting, we will help you to certify your sounds.


Our bottom-up approach help you to spread the user experienced sounds into your 360° audio branding strategy.


what we do with love

Different categories, to ensure the best expertise, whatever the context, size and type of company.