Hearing is one of the most sensitive senses and its ability to create mental images can be used to create a remarkable brand image.

Your customers must perceive a coherence between your communication media and feel supported, from the point of sale to its online purchase, while perceiving, any time, the philosophy of your company.

Unique emotions for unique products. Work on your perceived quality, make your customers feel that every detail is worked and that the final experience is a sensory alchemy skillfully worked.

The atmosphere of a point of sale, an exhibition, a mobile application, an artistic performance, the revelation of a product; are all moments when your identity can be heard.


Audio branding

Your audio logo is your main voice and all your audio touchpoints shall be the expression of your voice. We can help you to define your audio strategy depending on your markets and customers.

Space sound design

Sensory design is the Art to join senses for a unique and deep experience. Sound design is a main part of it, to express your brand DNA through a memorable sonic experience.

Music creation

We can compose unique music for your different audio touchpoints. Fashion show, shopping center, waiting room or any places where the music is a key aspect of your communication.


Finding your voice is our job. Our comedians and narrators will bring your brand identity to a next level of emotions.

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